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Dance in the classroom

Schoolchildren workshops and school performances

How can contemporary dance be made interesting for children? The Dutch dance company Introdans knows how: with top quality, interesting performances and a focus on schoolchildren workshops. After the children have playfully tried out their first choreography in the school gym with Swiss dance teachers, they excitedly follow how the professionals perform the same movements in the theatre. Using this simple concept, Introdans is successful all over the world. Also at Steps. In the last series, over 5,000 pupils actively joined in this unique project.

The offer is aimed at children in the 2nd - 6th primary school classes and in secondary school.

Workshops for pupils

Canton Basel, 26 March – 18 April 2012
Canton Berne, 19 March - 4 April 2012
Canton Lucerne, 26 March - 26 April 2012
Canton Schaffhausen, 26 March - 12 April 2012
Canton Vaud, 26 March - 4 April 2012
Canton Zurich, 2 April – 13 April 2012

School performances

13.04.2012, 10:00hSchaffhausen, Stadttheater
17.04.2012, 10:00hZurich, Schauspielhaus
19.04.2012, 10:30hBirsfelden, Theater Roxy
20.04.2012, 10:30hBirsfelden, Theater Roxy
23.04.2012, 10:00hBerne, Vidmar Halle
23.04.2012, 14:00hBerne, Vidmar Halle
24.04.2012, 14:00hVevey, Théâtre de Vevey
27.04.2012, 10:30hLucerne, Luzerner Theater
29.04.2012, 19:00hZug, Theater Casino

Contact & registration

Nicole Friedman-Baumgartner,
info@tanztotal.ch or 076 439 70 50
Registration deadline: 31 January 2012


Flyer Berne (in German)
Flyer Lucerne (in German)
Flyer Schaffhausen (in German)
Flyer Vaud (in French)

Download article from Migros Magazine 2010

Further information about Introdans