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OONA project / Marisa Godoy OONA project / Marisa Godoy OONA project / Marisa Godoy OONA project / Marisa Godoy OONA project / Marisa Godoy

OONA project / Marisa Godoy

Zürich (CH)

All Is You

How does being in love drive us on? The choreographer Marisa Godoy, who lives in Zurich, wants to show through movement how the various stages of being in love feel and change. It is about allowing the expansive intensity to unfold. All Is You is a comprehensive declaration of love to all those things which puts one into this extreme situation. Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps has co-produced the creation.

Marisa Godoy has created a name for herself in Switzerland as a sensitive choreographer who enchants with a dynamic and airy language of movement. Smiles and irony always dance along. She has long dedicated her research to the energy cycle between the stage and the audience. It is therefore not surprising that OONA project in the production All Is You looks at the state of being in love in all its facets. Marisa Godoy trusts in well-founded improvisation in her choreography – which makes her creations so fresh and direct. She received the «Kulturelle Auszeichnung» of the city of Zurich for her artistic work.

Production: OONA project, Marisa Godoy, Co-production: Migros Culture Percentage Dance Festival Steps and Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zurich / Premier: April 13, 2012, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zurich

tour dates   OONA project / Marisa Godoy

13.04.,14.04.,17.04.,18.04.,19.04. Zürich
21.04. Zug
24.04. Moutier
26.04. Bern
28.04. Brig-Glis
03.05. Birsfelden
05.05. Neuchatel

Choreography: Marisa Godoy

Music: Cole Porter, The Burning Hell,
W. A. Mozart

Stage & costumes: Nic Tillein
Dancers: Ivan Blagajcevic, Marisa Godoy, Kilian Haselbeck, Elina Müller Meyer

Duration: 60 mins without an interval
Web: www.oonaproject.ch