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Dear dance enthusiasts

I am pleased to have been able to take on the honorary patronage of this year’s Steps Dance Festival. Dance unites not just music and movement, but also people of all ages and all nationalities. Dance is a universal language. Whether on the stage or the dance floor, in dance, words are not necessary to tell a story or to understand it. Thanks to the Steps Dance Festival, contemporary dance is brought to all corners of Switzerland every two years – and not just to the famous stages of the cities. With Steps, audiences from Altdorf to Brig, from Pully to Schaan, from Chiasso to Bulle or Thun to Schaffhausen are able to enjoy dance performances by famous international companies in theatres, alternative culture centres and multi-purpose halls.

I am especially pleased that the dance festival takes young people into consideration and tries to get children and teenagers interested in contemporary dance through special performances and workshops. I hope that numerous schools make use of the special offer again this year so that the pupils can enjoy an unforgettable dance experience as a break from their normal everyday life.

I wish the dance professionals involved good luck and much success. I would also like to thank all of the more than thirty local organisers and Migros Culture Percentage for their efforts in supporting culture. And finally, I wish the audience lots of enjoyment in their encounters with dance from all over the world.

Federal Councillor Alain Berset
Head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs FDHA

Federal Councillor Alain Berse